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Baby Gift – Bib – Blue

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Baby Gift – Bib – Pink

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Baby Romper with picture and text

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Bath rugs with picture

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Bath towel with name – 100×50

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Cushion with Picture – Cylinder Shape

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Cushion with picture – Heart

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Cushion With Picture White

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Espresso set

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42 Results

Gifts for pregnancy and baby
Personalised pregnancy gifts

Congratulations! The moment you find out about your pregnancy is the moment that changes your whole life. Everything revolves around the pregnant woman and the future baby. What a special moment! Not only should the pregnancy itself be celebrated with a nice pregnancy gift, but the pregnant woman deserves to be pampered for the coming 9 months! Be sure to check out our selection of personalised gifts for pregnancy and baby to gift the pregnant woman who is facing an exhausting but very special nine months.

Announcing your pregnancy in a unique way

Most couples like to announce their upcoming baby in a fun and original way. Fungifts makes it easy to find original ways to anounce pregnancy. With our user-friendly design tool, your design will be ready in no time.

Maternity gift

An original gift for every birth!
When a babt is born, it is customary for guests to bring a baby gift when they visit the baby or attend the party. The birth of a child is a small miracle and therefore reason to celebrate!
Nowadays, more and more maternity parties are held, at which friends, neighbours, colleagues and acquaintances all come together to admire the baby.

Be original with one of our personalised baby gifts!

Personalised gifts are the trend, be sure to check our range of personalised gifts for pregnancy and baby.